Deadlift Seminar at Iron Strong CrossFit-Salisbury

Deadlift Seminar!

We are very excited to announce that on March 25th at 10:00 am here at Iron Strong CrossFit, there will be a comprehensive deadlifting seminar. The seminar will be led by one of our own coaches, Mike Hedlesky. As well as being a CrossFit coach, Mike is also a certified USA Powerlifting Coach, USA Weightlifting Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a gold medalist/team USA member in the International Powerlifting Federation. This is going to be a huge opportunity to help you bring your deadlift to the next level!  The tentative curriculum for the seminar includes:

  • Technique cues and ideal set up positions for sumo and conventional deadlift styles
  • Movement Assessments to help identify weak positions in your deadlift
  • Periodization and programming the deadlift and assistance exercises
  • Individualized form checks for anyone that wants to work up to a max deadlift.

This is a can’t miss opportunity to come learn from a deadlifting expert. The event is free to members and only $15 for non-members! Call or stop by to sign up!