Group Fitness Classes

Our Group Fitness classes will improve your overall fitness and help you push the limits necessary to see results! Each class is designed to challenge you, yet stay within the scope of your fitness and skill level. Classes are about an hour long and include a general warm-up, a skill component, a workout and a cool-down. Movements can include strength, gymnastic, weightlifting and cardiovascular elements. Examples can include back squats, pull-ups, rope climbs, wall balls, cleans, running, rowing, etc. A basic understanding of the foundational movements of major exercises (front/back/overhead squat, deadlift, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, snatch, clean) is required. These movements can be learned in our Group Fitness 101 course offered at Iron Strong. All Group Fitness classes are covered in the all-access membership. Should you want to participate in a class and do not have this membership, you are able to do so by paying a drop-in fee.