Danielle Pulliam

What year did you start CrossFitting?


Why did you get into fitness (and CrossFit)?

I played sports all my life. i was the kid that spent more time on a sport’s field than at home! i played soccer for a year in college then tried my hand at rugby (it didn’t go well 😊) then i was introduced into CrossFit by a coworker and fell in love!

Why did you become a trainer?

I became a trainer because I love fitness and CrossFit! I also want to help others achieve their fitness goals. I’m a teacher during the day, so teaching CrossFit was the next best step!

What’s your favorite CrossFit movement?

clean- surprisingly, this is the first CrossFit movement I was introduced to and it was horrible… now it’s my all time favorite!

What is your favorite cheat food?

jalapeno Kettle chips

What’s your favorite Superhero and why?

teenage mutant ninja turtles because i love pizza just as much as they do!

Danielle Pulliam



  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer